My Muse

I’ve been walking around the house, looking for my muse. When I go on walks, I search for her in the clouds, in groves of trees and fields of dandelions. The state of the world and the nation are distractions, to be sure, and I’ve been doing left-brain things like editing manuscripts, working with a…


Karen Joy Fowler’s “Booth” is a fictionalized account of the Junius Booth family, whose sons included actor Edwin and the notorious John Wilkes. Fowler juxtaposes the family saga with accounts of Lincoln moving toward destiny in the Ford Theater. A good read.


Keeping Characters Straight

I’m reading Elizabeth George’s “Just One Evil Act” (719 pages). Readers have many characters to keep track of and though I’m reading it in snatches, I’m having no trouble remembering who they are because the author describes them so uniquely. Fans are familiar with Inspector Lynley, a member of Britain’s upper-class. His sidekick, Barbara Havers…


Why Mystery?

Mystery is the spice of genres, adding dimension to the unknown. It startles, makes you wonder. Why is Daphne DuMaurier’s Rebecca so compelling? What secret is Maxim keeping? Why doesn’t the heroine have a name? The housekeeper’s meanness adds zip to this tale. Mystery is the ultimate puzzle, the interlocking of clues. Think of Sherlock…